An army vehicle was stoned Monday by extremist Haredim in Beit Shemesh. The soldier hit a pole and was taken to the hospital.

In response, it was decided to have a demonstration at the corner where he had been stoned in the Ramat Beit Shemesh neighborhood. We gathered. We sang Hatikva. Some waved flags, I Facebook-lived.

Early on at the demonstration. (Menachem Lipkin)

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‘Ali’ and Kay couldn’t be more different. Ali (not his real name) is a Palestinian Muslim living in a refugee camp. Kay Wilson, originally from London, moved to Israel 32 years ago.

Ali was raised to hate Israel and taught to be a perpetual victim. Kay, despite being stabbed dozens of times, left for dead, and watching her friend die at the hands of Palestinian attackers, refuses to be a victim.

For the past three years, as a result of the attempt on her life, Kay has been active in exposing and opposing the global financing of terrorists, who, like her attackers, are paid by the Palestinian Authority (PA) to kill Jews.

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‘Jewish tradition and Halacha have become stagnant’

Many consider Nathan Lopes Cardozo a rabbi for the new millennium. He pulls no punches in telling ‘Metro’ how Judaism and the rabbinic establishment can begin to respond to the current reality, with a ‘completely different type of Halacha’ for the State of Israel’s unique needs

• By SHOSHANNA KEATS-JASKOLL   Originally published in In Jerusalem Sept 15, 2017

Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo has an unusual background for a rabbi. Perhaps that is why his thinking is so different from that of other rabbis, and why he can say the things he says. Or perhaps other rabbis feel similarly, but do not have the confidence or fearlessness that is so evident when Cardozo speaks.

Whatever the reason, his belief in the justice of Judaism, the morality with which we are charged, and the capacity we have to resolve the seemingly unresolvable gives hope that the Judaism and ethics we hold so dear can in fact work together to produce the society that many of us want to see.

Cardozo grew up in Holland. His father was a secular Jew of Portuguese-Jewish origin; his mother was a Christian who had always felt at home in the Jewish community, which had taken her in when she was orphaned.

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There’s a reason Israelis are called sabras. Those thick cactuses and their prickly fruits look threatening with truly tough exteriors. Once you’re past that thick skin, however, the fruit is sweet, delicious and unlike anything you’ve experienced before. They thrive in tough conditions and the plants have been used to delineate borders and protect land for centuries.

Israelis have that same toughness around a softer, sweeter core. It takes a lot to faze them. So when, recently, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organisation (Unesco) decided to list the Old City of Hebron as an endangered Palestinian world heritage site, most Israelis just rolled their eyes at the latest attempt to remove the Jewish history from their land.

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