Congratulations Palestine

Your 5-year-olds are taught to aspire to blow themselves to pieces while killing Jews.

Your 9-year-olds throw rocks, shattering glass on babies as they drive in cars.

Your 15-year-olds throw boulders, killing fathers as they return from holiday meals.

Your 19-year-olds stab mother, father and child as they stroll ancient corridors and cheer as they bleed.

Your 22-year-olds shoot parents dead before their children.

Your women scream, accost, and curse at Jews as they walk holy ground.

Your sons dream of death, of causing it, and meeting it as martyrs.

Your daughters? Who knows what future you give them.

Your leaders turn down every opportunity for self determination.

You live a culture of hate.

And those among you who do not are not loud enough to make a difference for your children who suffer.

Congratulations Israel

Your 5-year-olds suffer from PTSD from the sirens and sounds of rockets falling.

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