Since the stabbings and ramming attacks have begun in earnest, the average Israeli has become…more.

More alert, more suspicious, and more fearful. But also, more determined, more proud and more humorous… Let me explain.

We wake up in the morning and check the news. Not in the normal ‘Israeli checking the news’ way. We haven’t even turned off our phones from the night before. We aren’t even out of bed yet. And we’re scrolling the news.

Have the day’s stabbing attacks begun yet? Where was the last one, and what was the MO?  How was the attacker fended off? Are there wounded? Dead? We figure out the odds of another attack in the next few hours with a made up algorithm in our head based on city, attack method, distance and number of casualties.

Out of bed, with a smile on our faces. Breathe and don’t let the kids see you sweat.  Choose not to tell them about the news and hope nobody talks about it at school – a futile wish. Continue reading